Guild Spotlight & Albion Still Have A Long Way To Go

Owing to Violence Sector set their foot into the GvG realm, they can fight agains a lot of different enemies. It's worth mentioning that their three hardest opponents, red army, suicide squad as well as luna prima. Accordding to the Jomber expounds, fighting against strong guilds such as them is not only fun, on top of that, actually, it's extremely educational. More wonderful video and latest Albion Online update, stay tuned

Even the two territories we lost to the Red Army cannot weight against the amount if experience we gained from fighting them. Especially our recent GvGs versus Luna Prima and Suicide Squad helped us to improve a lot. While we were able to compete against their second string teams, fighting against their first strings showed us that we still have a long way to go.” Keep in mind that cheap albion online gold for sale.

Violence Sector is part of the Elders alliance, working hand in hand with guilds like The Solar, Chromaggus, HI5, and ICE. Being in the Elders alliance was definitely more than helpful for the Russians, as they were supported by everyone in it. Another guild that helped shaping Violence Sector is THE ABYSS, which could be called the first true rival of the guild. In the beginning of their conflict both guilds clashed against each other in countless open world skirmishes.

Nonetheless, Violence Sector was able to turn the tide and managed to snatch Queensbay Watch from their rivals. The war between the two guilds kept waging until recently when THE ABYSS joined Violence Sector in the Elders alliance. Today both guilds keep training and competing against each other through GvGs. In addition, you can aslo access releated official sites to buy cheap albion online gold.